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posted on 8/10/2007
I currently have a 50 year old American Standard furnace in my home.  It works fine, but is (obviously) very inefficient.  Our heating bills last winter were sky high as a result.  Now, I am thinking about replacing my furnace with a new, higher-efficiency model.  However, I am not planning on staying in my home for more than 5 years (at the most).  I certainly don't want a cheap piece of junk, but I also don't want the most expensive, top of the line model.  Working with a fairly limited budget, what is the best way to determine the most economical way to go?  Is there one brand (that is reliable) that costs less than the others?   I'm really confused...Please give your advice.

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replied on 8/10/2007

try a goodman or janitrol. they both are good,    and    cheap.

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