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posted on 7/30/2007
I knew this day would come and now it has. I own 2 Lennox Complete heat systems. They're in the same home and twinned together. the tank is beginning to leak in one and the other has a gas leak around the combustion air blower.(this has been repaired) My question is: What has Lennox been doing about this mis-engineered system. I built this home in 1996 and paid a lot of money for the system and it looks like I'm going to pay again. Thanks Dennis
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replied on 7/31/2007

i would contact the mfg. on that one or call whoever installed it. unless there is a mfg. defect.


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replied on 2/21/2008

I am replacing my failed system as we speak.  I am wondering if there are any class actions out there?  The allowances Lennox is proposing are unacceptable. 


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replied on 4/10/2008

Have had two major leaks from tank.  Out of town when leak in copper pipe occured & shut down entire system. Have finished lower level & very concerened that we won't be so lucky to catch problem before water is everywhere.  Built home in 96 & local dealer/installer doesn't seem too concerned.  Any ideas how to resolve?

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