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posted on 10/28/2007
I am looking for a new Honeywell Conventional Fan & Limit Control #L4064Y1177 which has an assist heater connection. Is this the only type that will work for a Borg - Warner Gas forced Air Furnace Model #P4HGD12N07501. I have searched the internet and if anyone knows where to get one of these I would definitely like to hear from you.
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replied on 10/28/2007

older lennox downflows used a fan and limit that had a 24V assist on it - I don't have the part number but honeywell does have them.


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replied on 10/29/2007

If the probe length will allow 8 inches.  I like the Honeywell L4064 W 1098.It is a timed on combination Fan Limit control with a manual fan switch. Most older Lennox's will take it.

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