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posted on 6/19/2007

I have a Carrier Model: 58PAV135-06 SN: I 052A68669 AC/Furnace unit in my 2600 sq ft, 2 story/with basement, 5 year old home and it does not cool all the rooms in the upstairs area. One room (furthest from the furnace) is so hot in the summer and cold in the winter we are hesitant to have our twin 3.5 year old boys switch into that room (it's the largest). The room coincidentally, is the farthest from the furnace, does have 2 vents and a return line. My question is can I purchase a more powerful blower to reach to those far rooms, and would this help with heating and cooling those rooms? Most of the rooms upstairs are between 8 and 10 or so degrees cooler/warmer than the main level. We have to either set the thermostat several degrees cooler at night or close the vent slightly in the room where the thermostat is located so the AC runs longer, otherwise it doesn't cool off upstairs. All the dampers are set to the full open position with the exception of one and that's our very small mud room. The dampers are very difficult to get to because of the drop ceiling in the basement. Will a more powerful blower, higher CFM, be a larger unit (physically) and will it fit in the existing space? If so, how much will one cost? I am really leaning toward a larger blower as opposed to in-line duct fans to cure the problem. I did install 2 ducts fans purchased at Home Depot in the duct work leading to the master bedroom but one has already gone out! Are industrial/commercial grade fans available??? Your help and expertise is GREATLY appreciated!! If you require further information please feel free to email me at dxtac@comcast.net.  


Derek Glass

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replied on 6/23/2007

You have a common problem with physics. Hot air rises and cool air falls. That said, here are your best opitions. A seperate heat/cool system for the upstairs, or, zoning for your current system. Assuming that your current system was sized correctly(and that is a strech of an assumption) zoning would be a relatively low cost and sutible solution.Do Not upsize the blower as this will create improper air flow in both heating and cooling modes that will result in damge to the A/C and furnace.


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