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posted on 1/1/2007
I just installed an Atrama 7 wood boiler in conjunction with my oil furnace.  The instructions came in Lithuanian only, and I'm not sure how to set the vents/air controls to maintain a good fire.  There is a side fresh air vent I'm guessing to assist cool air up the chimney for draft, there is the firebox draft door on the bottom and the top door for wood loading and the bottom door which also holds the draft door.  I do not have an electronic draft blower.  I can't get the temp of the water over 165.  My oil furnace keeps trying to come on, even though I've set it at 160.  Any ideas?
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replied on 2/20/2007

Have you got this corrected yet,if not maybe I can help.

What aquastat do you have on the oil boiler? I have the

same problem that the boiler wants to turn on if it gets

down to the low setting on the aquastat.I have to keep the

boiler heat up high to prevent this.This is the only way that my

oil boiler will kick on when the fire dies down in my coal


Next year I'm going to put an aquastat on the coal boiler to

have it control the circulator and let the oil just keep itself hot

to act as a backup if needed.All of my zone valves (4) will

be controled by the coal boiler aquastat.

Whats wrong with the Atrama 7?

European boilers are made to operate at 160 to 190 water

rather than the 190 to 200+ in the US.

With wood you use the side secondary air to get the gases

to burn before the heat exchanger and exrtract huge amount

of energy in the volitile gases the wood creates,when the fire is

going strong adjust the throttle to get a comlete burn indicated by

the white hot heat in the burn area.

I burn bituminous coal and I find that full open works good on

the volitiles and I get a torch like flame and high heat.

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