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posted on 1/10/2010
I found a problem identical to mine on here.

reference: http://www.hvacware.com/portal/content/forums/reply.asp?Forum_Id=3&Topic_Id=144

To wit: I have a York Diamond 80 with a White Rodgers 50a50-241 controller.  At first, the fan would continue to run indefinitely after the heating objective was met, and I had to shut down the unit by disconnecting power.  Now, the blower turns on almost immediately when the unit is plugged in, while the LED indicates "flame--no call for heat".  Perhaps the worst, is that the problem is intermittent. 

The thermostat seems to be communicating properly.

There is an audible click, like a breaker tripped, a second or two after the unit gets power, whereupon the blower motor kicks in and the LED flashes continuously indicating "flame--no call for heat"

When it does "work", it will run all day as long as the thermostat is set high enough that it never meets the heat objective.  (When it does meet the heating objective, the flame stops but the blower keeps running indefinitely)

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