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posted on 6/4/2008

I have an XE80 furnace. About 2months ago it stopped stayin lit. I would see the flame kick on but it would kick back off. The blower would work, after about 2wks or so my light went out on my controller board. I ended up putting in a new controller board. this did not solve the problem.This fixed the problem for about 4/5 min. The blowers worked everything seemed ok. I turned on the A/C went back d/stairs, pushed the switch in(where the cover closes) POOF-blew a resistor on the board, smoked it right now.

I put the old board back in, changed the transformer. Furnace ran for about 5min, I changed the thermostat to Air.(Blowers were still on) Turned the air down to 64deg (set on 69or so, as was the temp in the house) went back downstairs and no lights on the board. Also, I have a clean air fx unit installed, when I initially replaced the board, the power came on then went off and has not come back on.

Any suggestions?

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replied on 7/2/2008

sounds like you have a low voltage short somewhere. let me know what you find

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