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posted on 11/16/2007
I have an older floor furnace thats pilot light is on but will not kick in and light to heat.  I have jumped the thermostat and it heats sometimes.  I jumped the connections at the furnace and it kicks in most of the time.  I changed out the thermostat and it controls it to turn off the furnace once I jump it at the furnace control but then will turn it back on.  I had someone come out and he said he changed the pilot generator control and it worked at the thermostat for about a day then began this same problem.  Any ideas please?

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replied on 11/18/2007

Sounds like the gas valve is getting tired. This is a milivolt system? If the valve opens every time you jumper the t-stat wires, Replace t-stat. Make sure you get one for use with milivolts. If you jumper the valve and it always comes on you may have too much resistance in the wireing. Clean the contacts and make sure they are tightly connected. If valve is not consistant and you have minimum 250 milivolts to the valve, well it's tired.

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