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posted on 11/7/2007

Luxaire gas furnace - furnace was working but in the morning it was not. Blower was just running with no flame.

Now blower runs when call for heat but furnace no flame.  Powered everything off  then tired again.  Blower runs when first call for heat.  Flame after 30 seconds and burners flame for 2 minutes then shuts flame off.  Blower still running.  Only way to get blower to turn off is not call for heat.  Tried again powering everything off and starting again but no luck in flame, blower just runs when call for heat.  


Circuit board is acting up.  Want to be sure as this is a expensive board.


Luxiare gas furnace model # PBMU-LD08N076A

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replied on 11/7/2007

what type of ignition device? pilot, hot surface? Does it have an ignition module? Not enough to go on.


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replied on 11/8/2007

do you have a flame sensor ?. let me know.

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