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posted on 11/3/2007
replaced control board at the end of last winter ,worked good w/ the heat and a/c. tried to turn heat on and nothing.the  two ligths were flashing one at a time(watchguard) mode.blower never came on.

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replied on 11/4/2007

You will have to determine if there is 24V coming back to W on the terminal - I don't have your model or year of furnace and I install Armstrong - Concord is an Armstrong product but depending on what control - it may have a Honeywell smart valve which would control the gas side and a blower control board to operate the fan. if you have the smart valve I would get a tec to determine the problem because there were issues with the molex plugs and wire connections, that it is hard to determine the problem - if you start to replace parts that may or may not be problem it can get more expensive than get someone who knows how to troubleshoot it.Let us know how you make out. Brian

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