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posted on 12/2/2006

I have a BRU45 with a Lux TX500 thermostat.do I need a relay to operate the blower only. When I switch it to  fan only, the flame comes on also.

also the blower comes on too quickly before the furnace even gets warm.

I read about the fan delay but it sounds like I need a relay and this will solve both problems? and what relay do I need?

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replied on 12/7/2006

Im not familiar with this model..however, its sounds as though something is not wired correctly if you are switching fan from auto to "on" and the flame comes on..hmm...Faulty stat likely the problem if this has not been a problem up until now.

Also, most furnaces have a predetermined timing (fan module) before fan comes on...but, the post fan "off" usually has (at least)4 differant timings which can be set by a hvac technician.

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