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posted on 10/16/2007
The furnace will fire and stay lit for a couple of minutes than drop out, it will try to start but will not restart.  The igniter looks good and bright but is there another way to check it (amps etc)?  The fault that I get is a code 4!  The service rep thinks that it is a bad gas valve (weak coil)!  I believe code 4 is "high limit".  Should I start by jumpering out the switches one at a time?     
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replied on 10/17/2007

Do not jump anything, If you have the manual it should tell you what area the problem is. If it is running for a few minutes and shutting off and it is the limit check for 24V at both terminals. also check that the blower is on (should be 40 seconds after a call for heat) also check the filter. It may also be flame sensor (usually it drops out after 10 seconds but it may be the flame is not inpingeing on the rod) it may be consensate sitting in the venting. The only way to troubleshoot is to find out the code the LED is giving you. let us know - Brian

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