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posted on 9/10/2007
Hey, I checked my furnace today it is a Goodman GMs80453an and it had a 3 red light link sequence. The door says that means the pressure switch is stuck open. I do not see anything on the pressure switch that will allow me to turn it off. Does anyone know how i fix this problem or make the pressure switch closed ???? Thanks for the help.
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replied on 10/22/2007

pull the pressure switch tubing off the switch and try blowing through it into the inducer housing. There may be corrosion blockage in the housing port. If that's the case, you can push a large paperclip in there and try to unclog the opening. If you can blow air through into the housing, then these motors can slow down with age, or there may be blockage in the ehaust vent not allowing proper exaust pressure. I have to remind you the literature supplied with all gas equipment clearly states service should be done by A QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN!


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replied on 10/22/2007

i have a nordyne and i am have about the same problem , the pressure switch stays open , i even put in a new switch , i am now thinking that i am not receiving enough vacum to close the switch. i had tapped on mine with a screwdriver when the problem first arose and the furnace went on but now that doesn't even work but if i remove the vacum side and put a little negative pressure on the line it works. hope this helps

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