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posted on 8/22/2007

I have a couple questions...

1. Our fan went bad on the Heat Pump Condensor and the local HVAC company put a generic motor on...it draws more amps then the OEM motor...will this casue my electric consumption to increase?  we recently bought the house and the prvious owners electric bills where $70-$80 less than our last 2 bills this time last year. 

2. My furnice is in the basement, as most are, and the upstairs (2 story) rooms are always 10-12 degrees warmer then the main level and the basement is of couse the coldest.  I have 2 dampers and 3 trunks one truck goes jig-jogs then straight up, one is horizontal inline with the furnace, the last jig-jogs then turns and runs horizontal.  I have tried adjusting the dampers, but no success.  the one that runs horizontal inline does not have a damper, which is bad.  Is there a unit I can have installed in the vertical trunk to get more air up to the rooms upstairs to balance the A/C.  Our thermostat is on the main level, centraly located...it's a Honeywell.  I am almost considering an automatic damper/zoning system, but the costs are high.

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replied on 8/29/2007

#1. Condensor fan motors usually draw such little amperage, I doubt that the increase will have any measurable effect on your electric bill. When comparing your bill to previous bills, make certain that you are comparing apples to apples. What was the temperature last year compared to this year, what temp do you keep your t-stat set at compared to the previous owners, was there any electicity rate increase in the last year?

#2. You are experiencing an age old problem of 2 story homes. The 2nd floor will always be warmer than the 1st due to a basic law of physics - heat rises. Then, another law of physics kicks in - heat transfer is from higher temps to lower temps. That attic above the 2nd floor can easily get to 110 degrees or higher depending on the amount of roof ventilation.If the air temp on the 2nd floor is even 85 degrees........well, get the picture? Playing with the dampners may have destroyed any air flow balance that you might have had. Your air handler is hopefully equiped to deliver the proper amount of air flow needed for cooling (400 cfm per ton of cooling), and, if it is, then hopefully, the duct work was designed properly to handle that volume as well without developing high static pressure. Zoning is one option, and yes it is costly but can pay for itself over time. It won't allow more air to get to the 2nd floor, but since either t-stat can call for heating/cooling the 2nd flr t-stat can allow the system to run long enough to condition the space to your comfort. And, since you can set the either floor higher or lower at the times they are most occupied, it can be more efficient. Another option is to have a thermostaticaly controlled attic fan installed to get rid of that heat when attic temps get to high. Be carefull though, too much fan and/or not enough PROPER roof ventilation can actually create more heat load in the living space, placing more load on the cooling system. Have a qualified contractor perform that kind of work.

Good luck......Gasman


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