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posted on 8/11/2007



Just stumbled onto this site. I'm at work so the info will be missing some exact info like model #'s but I'll post just in case someone can help.


 I have a train heat pump and the air handling unit inside the house will not stop running. It did it sometimes during the winter. I changed to a digital thermastat a month ago and it still does it. During the winter it was very rare, now its about constant.

 I have read about a sensor or limit switch not set right but for the life of me couldn't find its location on the internet or in real life. I will look some more tonight on the net, but any help will be appreciated. I am a industrial mechanic by trade, so am not a complete idiot although I feel like one at the moment.....:)

 I should say that heat and cooling work fine, and it does cut off some, but probabbly stays on 80% of the time. Fan switch is in "auto".



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