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HydroTherm S1000

 The New S1000 programmable controller for HydroTherm's modular boiler systems brings a new level of automation and sophistication to today's requirements for effiecient and comfortable hydronic heating systems. The controller has 16 output relays which can be used to control heating boilers, domestic hot water boilers, motorized valves, combustion air dampers, and draft inducers. It has event programming for alarms, etc. and a data logging feature to allow you to review what
boilers have been on when and what the temperatures and sepoints were. It can be monitored from a remote location using the optional modem and communications
software to check on the current operation, download the data log, or even change the settings, all protected by password against unauthorized access.

Download Now!     4.7 megabytes

Computer Requirements:

     486 0r Pentium(R) processor, Pentium(R) Recommended
     Microsoft Windows(R) 95 or  NT
     8 Megabytes Of RAM, 16 Megabytes or more Recommended
     256 color or greater color display adapter for best results
     10 Megabytes of hard disk space
     Microsoft Windows(R) compatible pointing device (mouse)

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